Life Coaching

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life coaching information

Personal Journey


For longer journeys and establishing paths along the way...seeking clarity and perspective to remain empowered along your self-discovery.

Personal growth advocacy and coaching programs


Oracle Card


Inviting guidance through aligned energy and inspired messages. Asking questions and receiving clear reflection for seeking answers. 

Specific or general topics can be explored through card interpretation and observation.


One Time

"Coaching Session"

Sometimes we can use guidance addressing a specific need and if someone could just hold the map at a different angle, we'd get there.

Nice option for when you need guidance through a very specific situation.


Root Strengthening Programs

Digging deep to discover origins of habitual beliefs and strengthening your roots so you can step fully into your true power.

Topic Focused Programs:

Anti-racism, ADHD, Educators


Spiritual Discovery Programs

Inviting space and structure to discover your connections to Spirit and what that means to your higher self.

Expand your spiritual/religious practice...

ANY love-based belief system supported