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What is life coaching?

We all experience times of confusion, stress, conflict, complication, etc.; like career changes, births, deaths, shifting relationships, and simply new life phases. During these times, a life coach can provide support in many different ways. 

A life coach can work with you to:​​

  • Identify your values and vision

  • Create plans through goal-setting 

  • Dig into the complexities of a given situation

  • Explore new angles 

  • Discover the power in your strength


You have everything you need inside of yourself. No one else can truly tell you how to make things work for yourself.

Only you have that power, and in order to use that power you may need to release limiting beliefs, establish trust within yourself, clarify your life's values and vision, or strengthen positive energetic patterns.

I work with people in a wide variety of ways - the common thread being that I walk with folks as they create a path through their self-empowerment journey. I do not tell people how to change their lives, but rather shine light and hold space while people discover, and practice living in, their power and truth.

Holistic healing is a powerful force - when we honor the whole individual, anything is possible. I believe each of us has our own journey and our own needs along the way. Sometimes that means I will be next to you as you clear a path, simply shining the flashlight where you need to go. Other times you may ask for specific guidance or suggestions. 

The choice is yours. I'll stay right beside you.


A Visualization:

Imagine you are on a journey through the woods...


You invited along a hiking partner because...

  • perhaps you know the woods and want to someone show around and brainstorm ideas about the different paths and resting points.​

  • or maybe you are about to enter a new part of the woods and want someone with you keep an eye out for helpful resources, or hidden obstacles, along the way. 

& If you happen upon poison ivy, your partner can help you...

  • write down where the patches of poison ivy are,

  • point out the poison ivy if you get too close,

  • or help you care for the poison ivy that you didn’t even see coming.


Throughout your journey, your hiking partner can hold up the map for you, so you are more free to interpret the paths ahead, contemplate choices with your compass, and take the first steps down your chosen path.


Could you have made it alone? Sure.

Did you have to? Absolutely not.

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.

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