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Whole Life Wellness for Individuals

involves a willingness to connect our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy.

Life Coaching


As a Self-Empowerment Life Coach, I walk beside folks as they grow, discover, and heal. Think of it as if you were walking through the woods, and someone was holding the flashlight for you so you could see where you were stepping but still have both hands free for anything else.

Navigation is key to any journey.

Oracle Card Readings

Spiritual Connections

Oracle cards invite guidance through aligned energy and inspired messages. Asking questions and receiving clear reflection is often an avenue to the support we need in that moment. The only cards that are flipped are the cards that reveal a message to you from the Highest Divine Love & Energy of the Universe.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Power from Within

Mindfulness and Meditation can be one-in-the same or they can be quite different. This will depend on the individual, the situation,

the intention, and the practice. 

I work with folks who are just starting out and want to try out various techniques to learn what works for them. I also support folks who have practiced for years, but are seeking a shift or renewal.

Energy Connections

Connect with Intention

Energy comes in a whole array of forms. We are made of and exist within energy, which we can direct and channel any time. As a healer, energy is a resource I use in every aspect of my service and work. 

One way to experience healing is by connecting directly with energy sources to invite balance, cleansing, re-direction, and enhancement. This work often involves a variety of universal tools such as crystals, essential oils, herbs, and other sensory-based energy channels.

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.

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