As a Self-Empowerment Youth Coach, I spend time listening.


*I listen to the child. 

*I listen to the child's adults.

*I listen to so much that is unsaid and hiding beneath.

*I also listen to myself so that I am best able to support the individual child sitting with me.

I am a certified teacher for grades 6-12 and have worked with youth in a variety of ways for over 20 years. While I was in the classroom teaching 6th grade social studies, it was clear that my true mission was to foster self-empowerment in my students. I did this by truly respecting them where they were in each moment, being completely authentic, and being willing to tell them the truth. As a result, I have witnessed children empower their true selves before my very eyes.

Youth Programs

may be focused on a specific area or may be a blend of many... depending on the individual child:

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Executive Functioning

  • ADHD

  • Identity

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Current Life Events

  • Remote Learning

Consultations begin with the child's adult and will include the child's input as well!

Youth Sessions may include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Connecting with nature

  • Sensory activities

    • making calming bottles

    • coloring

    • creating with fuse beads

    • discovering essential oils 

  • Social / Emotional Skill Building

    • Empathy

    • Overwhelm

    • Sadness

    • Anger

    • Connecting with others

      • thank-you cards

      • planning / creating call scripts

      • reaching out to / finding old friends

Each Program includes:

Weekly Collaboration

  • 60 minute live coaching session (phone, video, in person)

  • 30 minutes additional dedication (notes, research, resourcing...)

Twice per week: Continued Connections

  • email or text check-ins (as desired by you) 

  • check-points / accountability strategies (based on need)

Individualized Essential Oil Blends {only offered locally at this time}  

~ Included with 3 or 6 week packages

~ Your choice: small sprayer, small roller bottle, or inhaler 

6 week

6-week package



includes 3 personalized

essential oil blends

($100 per week)

3 week

3-week package



includes a personalized

essential oil blend

($125 per week)


1 session




includes 60 minute session based on what is needed at that time

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.