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Hello, I'm Tina!

Holistic Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Life Coach, and more...

Having you here - simply browsing through this page - is a blessing to me. 

I have always been called to serve others in a number of different ways, and I believe that everything I've done has lead me right here, right now.

Thank you for joining me.

My personal motivations:

  • I want to support and witness people as they discover their true power.

  • I believe people need - and deserve - open spaces, validation, and accountability.

  • I love the way the mind, body, and spirit connect and make unique magic for each of us

What I have to offer:

  • Openness - I am willing to be vulnerable, honest, and believe the hard topics are the most important to discuss

  • Experience - 7 years of my own personal development through counseling and programs, 20 years of activism, 14 years as an educator for youth and adults

  • Grace - I genuinely accept that which is & when that is difficult for me, I look within myself to understand.

Image by Katie Burkhart

Short Bio

I am an educator by trade. I've taught middle school social studies for 8 years, since 2004. During my time "out of the classroom",  I was active in public education through curriculum writing, PhD. attempting, professional development creating, and conference attending. ( dork right here!)

I am an anti-racist, social justice advocate who is 100% committed to doing everything in my power to perpetuate equity. The work begins, and will forever continue, within myself. I envision a world of true peace and filling every space with all that empowers its expanse.

I am a firm believer in growth, vulnerability, rebellion, and an honest willingness to investigate anything I think I 'know'.

I love to research anything - for almost any reason...but I'm learning to use timers so I don't get lost in the land of rabbit holes!


I am a Highly Sensitive Person, a pretty damn good wife, and a mother who is trying to ignore her very loud inner-critic. 

**I am also quite aware that the ego part of me just had a chance to dance and sing while I typed that...which was fun!

The truth is that my spirit, energy, and essence are connected to every being in this expansive universe and that we are truly one.

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.

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