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My Partners in Healing


Agentix Counseling. Coaching. Consulting.

"Agentix Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting, or simply “Agentix,” is a full-service agency committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The name “Agentix” is inspired in part by the work of Albert Bandura and his “Agentic Perspective” on Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura, 2006).

The Agentic Perspective states that human beings have agency –as individuals, by proxy, and collectives– and thus, the power to act as change agents, having the ability and authority to exact meaningful, long-lasting, powerful transformations in their lives and their organizations.

“People create social systems, and these systems, in turn, organize and influence people’s lives.” ~Albert Bandura

Building on this perspective, and founded in response to the systemic injustice of Black and Indigenous Persons of Color (BIPOCs), Agentix aims to empower leaders and organizations by providing transformative mental health, executive coaching, and consulting services. These services enable the modern organization to build capacity for culturally competent practices and policies."


Lead for Equity and Engagement

"Lead for Equity and Engagement provides engaging and transformative professional development for educators, leaders, organizations, and individuals.  We build leadership capacity through individual and group executive coaching and workshops on topics ranging from communication and team building to implicit bias and structural racism.  Whether we are working with schools, non-profits, or business teams, our focus is on improving outcomes and results by exploring issues with an equity lens to promote engagement and excellence for everyone."


Melanin Lighthouse

" My purpose is to help you liberate yourself from unresolved trauma that is unconsciously cultivating maladaptive self- sabotaging patterns in your life through alternative forms of healing. 

Healing is a journey but we can work together to spark the flame of your transformation!"

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.

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