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Show yourself Gratitude

We often hear about self-care, and one way we take care of ourselves is

by simply saying "thank you, me." 

Here are a couple quick ways you can show yourself gratitude:

Take a deep breath

Close your eyes.

Put your hand over your heart.

Inhale deeply.

Hold that breath of gratitude in your body.

Exhale deeply.

Fill yourself with beauty, light, high vibrations,

or snuggly sloths...anything that fills you with

peace and joy.

Group of people over vintage colors back
Child Model
Child Model
Child Model

Talk to yourself...


Take a few seconds to talk to yourself as if you were someone else. How would you say "thank you"?


Use a genuine voice (or maybe be a bit "extra" if you feel a little silly at you're talking to a little kid).

Tell yourself why you are thankful and what you have demonstrated about yourself

"Thank you for taking care of me. You have really shown me how much I matter to you. You are so strong!"

Child Model

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