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Root Strengthening Program

Digging deep to discover origins of habitual beliefs and strengthening your roots so you can step fully into your true power.


Each Coaching Package includes:

Weekly Collaboration

  • 60 minute live coaching session (phone, video, in person)

  • 30 minutes additional dedication (notes, research, resourcing, etc.)

Twice per week: Continued Connections

  • email or text check-ins (as desired by you) 

  • check-points / accountability strategies (based on need)

Individualized Essential Oil Blends

{only offered locally at this time}  

your choice: small sprayer, small roller bottle, or inhaler 

3 week

3-week package

includes a personalized

essential oil blend



($140 per week)

6 week

6-week package

includes 2 different unique 

essential oil blends



($120 per week)

13 week

13-week package

includes 3 different unique 

essential oil blends



($99 per week)

Committed to working toward equity.  Committed to dismantling white supremacy.  Committed to doing the work.

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